{Sophia} Be A Light

Dear Sophia,

Auntie was hoping that she would get to share and explain a historic moment to you. You are four and at four you have no idea how close women came to shattering the highest glass ceiling of all. We lost my dear, we lost, our girl Hillary lost.

America was not ready for a woman to lead. As much as we wanted it, the majority spoke and this was not our time. Ms. Hillary did however put one giant crack into the highest ceiling and all we need to do is chip away until it shatters. That ceiling will not be shattered today or tomorrow, we will have to wait, we will have to work for it, but one day it will break. 

Right now your world revolves around preschool and Frozen, you have no idea what this amazing world holds for you. You at this moment have no concept of the election or who Trump is. Your little girl wonder is protecting you and keeping you safe from the problems we face. One day those problems will be handed down to your generation. Sophia when you are a little older you will realize that every life matters and that every life can make a difference. As long as you believe in the greater good, you my girl can make a difference. You are beautiful, you are kind, and your spirit is strong. Sophia be a light that shines so bright it cracks the darkness. 

Sophia I want you to know that you can be anything you want to be and that the world is there for the taking. Never let anyone tell you that you are less because you wear a skirt. You are more than enough, you are Sophia and no one can take that from you. Day in and day out Auntie works in a male dominated profession, she doesn’t let it stop her, she steps up to the plate and shows them what a woman can do. Some would say auntie is a nasty woman, auntie says “I’m just doing life my way.” You my dear will chose your own path. You will be your own nasty woman and you can do anything that you put your mind to. 

Every little girl in this country is a light. A light that will shine so bright that it will shatter the highest ceiling. I have faith that one day a little girl will grow up and be president. That time is not now but it will come. We may be whooped but this fight is far from over. We may be down but we still have fight in us and we Sophia will not give up or in until there is equality for all Americans. You Sophia are my silver lining in this very dark cloud, you are the light Auntie needed and I will make sure you shine bright for all of your days. Because little one your generation is our hope for a better day. 

Love Auntie 

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