{Divorce} Is a Launching Pad not a Failure

Ten years ago I woke up and made a decision. A decision that was months in the making and one that needed to be made for my own sanity. I chose to leave. To walk away from a marriage that wasn’t worth saving and said goodbye to a child that I will love until myContinue reading “{Divorce} Is a Launching Pad not a Failure”

{Whipstaff Ranch & Rescue} Cullen’s Story

In June 2010 I walked away from my marriage with a little English Pointer named Freckles by my side. Freckles is a shy energetic rambunctious little soul and she was never meant for apartment life. She needed a yard, a place to run, and a 5-year-old boy to chase her around. I knew what FrecklesContinue reading “{Whipstaff Ranch & Rescue} Cullen’s Story”

{Love Thy Farmer} Auntie Annie’s Fields

So why did the chicken cross the road? I know that’s an age-old question, however I do believe I know the answer. Gone are the days of the small family farm. Farming has been modernized. We as Americans have found a way to grow our chickens quicker, bigger, and apparently better. The average size ofContinue reading “{Love Thy Farmer} Auntie Annie’s Fields”

{Buy Local} Love Thy Farmer, Not Thy Brand

A couple of months ago I made a conscious decision to no longer buy dairy and meat products from my local grocery store. I grew up in a farm to table family. My parents always bought meat from our local butcher and fresh produce from a farm co-op in Wisconsin. My mom purchased very littleContinue reading “{Buy Local} Love Thy Farmer, Not Thy Brand”

Captain’s Walk Winery ~Green Bay WI

The folks at Captain’s Walk Winery claim that they take the snobbery out of wine tasting. It’s true they do. As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted with a warm hello and a smile. You are quickly whisked into the tasting room, they explain the history of the winery and goContinue reading “Captain’s Walk Winery ~Green Bay WI”