{Weight Watchers} Thinking Outside of the Grocery Store

I spend my bus ride to and from work scrolling through the Weight Watchers Connect feature. People post about their struggles, their triumphs, and mostly their relationship with food. On how they would eat their feelings and stressors. Some admit that eating brings them the pleasure that their lives are lacking. One woman said “aContinue reading “{Weight Watchers} Thinking Outside of the Grocery Store”

{FaceBook} Friend Request From My High School Bully

Ever since I can remember I have always gone against the tide. I looked to the sun and answered to a higher calling. My parents will tell you that I am an old soul, that I wear my heart on my selve, and that my zest for life is addictive. That I have always lookedContinue reading “{FaceBook} Friend Request From My High School Bully”

{Love Thy…..} Put a Lime in the Coconut Body Scrub

Over the past year I have changed my diet, gone are the days of processed food and eating out almost every day. Instead I only shop the outer isles of the grocery store, buy organic, and buy local whenever possible. My diet is 85% clean and my health has immensely improved. I have more energyContinue reading “{Love Thy…..} Put a Lime in the Coconut Body Scrub”

{Ninja In The City} Living Large in 465 Sq Ft

What can I say I have mad love for the city of Minneapolis. In the winter our friendship is tested by snow emergencies, however when spring comes our words are forgotten, and I fall madly in love all over again. I live in uptown, an up and coming hip neighborhood on the southwest side ofContinue reading “{Ninja In The City} Living Large in 465 Sq Ft”

{Love Thy Farmer, Not Thy Brand} Historic PickWick Grist Mill

Follow the Great River Road from Minneapolis to Southern Minnesota and beyond. Along the road you will find many hidden gems and tid bits of our states history. Hwy 61 is lined with dozens of brown historical marker signs. Most signs will lead you to historical markers that tell you about days gone by. TakeContinue reading “{Love Thy Farmer, Not Thy Brand} Historic PickWick Grist Mill”

{Love Thy Farmer} Auntie Annie’s Fields

So why did the chicken cross the road? I know that’s an age-old question, however I do believe I know the answer. Gone are the days of the small family farm. Farming has been modernized. We as Americans have found a way to grow our chickens quicker, bigger, and apparently better. The average size ofContinue reading “{Love Thy Farmer} Auntie Annie’s Fields”

{For the Love of Cheese} Bass Lake Cheese Factory

If you have found yourself without weekend plans I have a suggestion. Minnesota is right next to the dairy state and let me tell you “there is nothing like handcrafted Wisconsin Cheese!” The state of Wisconsin is littered with small family owned cheese factories and dairies. Lucky for us Minneapolis is pretty darn close toContinue reading “{For the Love of Cheese} Bass Lake Cheese Factory”

{Buy Local} Love Thy Farmer, Not Thy Brand

A couple of months ago I made a conscious decision to no longer buy dairy and meat products from my local grocery store. I grew up in a farm to table family. My parents always bought meat from our local butcher and fresh produce from a farm co-op in Wisconsin. My mom purchased very littleContinue reading “{Buy Local} Love Thy Farmer, Not Thy Brand”

Drinks, Flats, and Ninja Antics

I am a firm believer that everything in life no matter good or bad happens for a reason. My last position ended miserably, yet even then I found a piece of silver in the lining. Maybe I was brought there to meet the wonderful Miss. Angela. I am grateful for her friendship and she isContinue reading “Drinks, Flats, and Ninja Antics”


Ninjas lets all say it together “Hydroponics.” I first learned about hydroponics in my high school horticulture 101 class. It was me and a bunch of zit faced awkward teenage boys in that class. But, that is where my nerdiness showed for sustainable agriculture, forestry, and aquaculture. Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota and thatContinue reading “Hydro………..What?”