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{Birch Box} GO TIME ~ January 2014

Ever since I had a chat with a Birch Box customer service rep the products in my box have greatly improved. I can’t remember her name, but she was great. The Rep took the time to help me create my profile, she said the trick to he Birch Box profile is “less is more.” Checking … Continue reading

{Birch Box} November: “More Good”

Truth: I received two Birch Boxes for the month of November. My first box was a total bust, I couldn’t use anything in the box because of the chocolate bar laying at the bottom. So I tweeted, I posted on the Birch Box Facebook page, and they reached out. I had a heart to heart … Continue reading

{Birch Box} – Beauty Buzz October

Well done Birch Box, you finally hit the nail on the head this month. Normally the box will contain one or two products that are what I consider “try worthy.” This month is a different story, I want to try every product in the box, well except maybe the chap stick and curl keeper. I … Continue reading

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