Since my dad has never been further than Wisconsin. I took it upon myself to take him on a vacation. I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago and since it is a 7 hour drive from Woodbury i thought why not go.
We were suppose to leave at 6am on Sunday morning, my parents were late so we didn’t leave until 7am. With the gps as our guide and the prius as our vessel we were off. Since I was in charge of the driving it was up to me to decide when we stopped for a rest and potty break. I had decided that we would stop in Black River Falls for breakfast. Ooo they have a Hardees mom, lets go there. I haven’t eaten at one in years, I got the biscuits n gravy bowl, while the folks got Canadian Sunrise sandwiches. After we finished we were off on the road again. We saw a lot of people pulled over along the way and made one more stop before we hit the Illinois boarder. I have never been on a toll road in my life and had no idea how much you had to pay. My dad sat ready with his bag of coins, mom would shout $2.00 and he would count it out and have it ready for me. We only managed to miss one toll. Oh well.
soon we found our hotel, our room wasn’t ready, so we took the EL train into the city. Bad idea the O’hare line was under construction and only went half way. Luckily the Chicago transit people had a well thought out alternative, they had buses waiting at the station to take us the rest of the way. With a little help and one wrong way bus we found our way to Navy Pier. it was fun, but not what I had in mind. Since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast we went to McDonald’s in the Pier for lunch and looked around in the shops. I found a Piggy Bank with the Chicago skyline painted on it. It was getting late and Pete was tired so we headed back to our hotel and called it a day.
Day 2
We woke up early and asked the front desk if there was any cafes near by. They had suggested that we try Maxs dinner down the street. Our waitress was a delight and the food was very good. I waffle with a side of ham, they give you a ton of food for very little money. After we finished breakfast we decided to ditch the EL and drive into the city. Our first stop of the day was Grace land Cemetery. We did a walking tour of the cemetery in the light rain. This isn’t your regular cemetery with tombs designed by Getty and Wright, sculptures completed by by gone artist. It was peaceful and beautiful.
After we finished our tour we headed to Oak Park. Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to visit Frank Loyd wrights Trinity Temple. There it was standing before me in all of its concrete greatness. We paid the lady our $8.00 a piece and walked in side this holy grail of modern architecture. It was greater than i imagined, better than the pictures and TV specials had shown it. i was so moved by his design, his attention to detail that I was brought to tears. The folks enjoyed it too. it was fun walking around Oak Park and Shouting Oooo another Loyd right house.
when walking we had noticed a sign that said Hemingway museum this way. mom a lover of books and all things old wanted to go. So we did. We got to visit the museum and do a tour of the house he was born in. Note; they have the most long winded boring tour guide in the world. The house was your typical Victorian, we ran out on the tour guide. After my dad and I made fun of my mom for picking such a boring tour, we were ready to get down to business. To tour the first Frank Loyd House that he built and desgined. Only to get to it and find out we had missed the last tour of the day. Saddened we got back in the Prius and headed back to our hotel. For dinner we at Chicago deep dish pizza and went to the Buckingham fountain. In which my dad was surprised to find that it was in deed real and not just made for TV. it was amazing and we strolled through millennium park as well.
Day 3
I woke up bound and determined to see Frank Loyd Wrights home. We ate breakfast at Max’s diner again and headed out to Oak Park. We got there at 8:30am, 30minutes before they opened and were the first ones in line for our tickets. Success we got tickets for the first tour of the day. All I can say is WOW the house is amazing his concepts in design are funny and mind blowing. it truly is a gem. When we were finished at Wrights home we headed back into Chicago and went to the Shedd aquarium. I had no idea how huge this place is, we got a sneak peak of there new show Fantasea it was very cute and delightful. It was getting late and our tummies were grumbling for food. We went to Ram Pub near our hotel, the burgers were so yummy and juice just like a burger should be. After dinner we drove around Chicago for a while and headed back to the hotel to pack. Our Chicago adventure was coming to a close. I had a great time traveling with my parents and sharing this adventure with them.

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