I have studied abroad twice while in college and fell in love with traveling. This is a passion that I have given to my husband. In March we took an NCL cruise in the Mediterranean. Our itinerary included Casablanca and Aquadir Morocco, Las Plamas Gran Canari, Funchal Portugal, Malaga and Barcelona Spain. It was an amazing magical trip that made me fall in love with my husband all over again!
A Ports of Call recap
Casablanca Morocco:
is the economic capital of Morocco, so there wasn’t to much to see. We took a shore tour that took us to a mosque, the palace the Islamic quarter and to a market. I found Casablanca to be a bit unorganized, they are doing a lot of construction to attract more tourists and developing the city. The people are very friendly and almost a little to eager for you money.
Things that I bought, Two stone turtles made out of the different types of granite found in Morocco and a Hand painted bowl.
Aquaidir Morocco:I found Aquaidir to be much better than Casablanca. Sadly Aquaidir has been completely rebuilt do to an earth quake on leap year day in 1960. Over 15,000 people died in the quake as it occurred at midnight and most of the citizens were asleep.
The citizens did not want to rebuild the old city, instead they filled it in and it is this bleak mound that sits above the new city. We took a shore tour to the Fantasia Horse Show and Camel ride. We got to view Berber horses and riders in costumes, musicians and the husband rode a came. There was even a snake charmer. Once finished here, we went to a small shop owned by a woman and she explained the different spices and products to us. Once finished we headed back to the ship.
Things that I bought: 35 spice blend 3 packs for 8 euros
Las Plamas Gran Canari: This by far was my favourite port. We did not do a shore tour, we elected to navigate Las Plamas by our selves.
We bought tickets to the open top bus that drove around the city and pointed out things.The town is beautiful, the hills are dotted with brightly colored homes. there is a teal green one that i have my eye on, no matter where you went in the town you could spot it on the hill. I told the husband that we need to buy it in 10 years so that when people come to visit we can say we live on the only teal green house on the hill and they will be able to find us. We also did a little shopping in the mall that was conveniently located next to the port.
Things that I bought: 2 t-shirts from C&A
Funchal Portugal: Is a city on an island, the city was very lovely. Again we did not do a shore
tour. Instead we bought another open to
p bus ticket. The bus took us all over the island.
Things that I bought: a tea towel with bananas having a little fun on it (wink wink), a metal chicken, a bread basket and a spoon holder
Malaga Spain: I really liked this city too. They have a church with only one bell tower that they lovingly refer to as the One Armed Lady, the money to complete the bell tower went to the Revolution. They have a great promenade lined with shops. We did take a tour, we went to Njea, to see the caves. The caves were great. The husband got his first taste of gillato cookies and cream, he liked it alot
Things that I bought: A turtle, picture frame, bull, key chain and olive oil.
Barecelona Spain: After our cruise ended we spent a day in Barcelona, we stayed at a little hotel on Las Ramblas. I had a great time, I haven’t been to Barcelona since October 2004, so it was fun to show the husband where I went and what I did where. Nothing much has really changed about the city.Things that I bought: a turtle and sangria

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