Life without Nuva ring

On October 22nd I was driving to work when I started having pain in my chest. At first it was annoying so I kept on driving to work, my plan was to take some Tylenol and work through the pain. A few miles later it felt like someone was jabbing a knife into my chest, my left arm was going numb and I could barely breath. I realized that I was in trouble and needed help fast! So I took the next exit and headed to Wood Winds hospital.
I have no idea how I made it to the hospital, but I did. The security guard saw I was in distress, put me in a wheel chair and started shouting for the nurses. The nurse acted quickly he asked either you can take your clothes of yourself with my help or I can cut them off you! I chose to take them off myself with his help. He hooked me up to a monitor to view my heart. Thank God it wasn’t a heart attack!
The Dr came in and said I wasn’t having a heart attack but we had to find out why I was in pain, he said most likely its an infection in your lung or worse a blood clot. He ordered all sorts of tests and an x-ray. On my way to x-ray the Dr told the x-ray girl to bring me back to my room and he’d explain why I didn’t need an x-ray. I thought good its nothing I can go home. Not so the dr came in and said that my blood levels were elevated and that signified a possible blood clot. He ordered a CT scan.
So off to CT I went. The lady explained the dangers of the dye I said there is no other way to find out right and she said nope, so I signed the forms, she got the dye ready and into the donought I went. The scan took about 15 minutes to complete. She brought me back to the ER and told me it would be 30 minutes for the results. so I waited. During this time the Husband wasn’t with me. So I was hoping he would get the ERs voice mail and come to the hospital.
30 minutes came and went, soon I heard a recording in the hall that my results were in from the CT scan.
The dr came running down the hall and said you have a blood clot in your lung and you will be staying with us for a while. He told me that if I hadn’t got there when I did I would of died. The clot sits in my lung tree and it cut off blood flow to some of the sacks that oxygenate the blood. I asked if he could try my husband again, just then the receptionist ran in I have her husband on the phone. I told him what was going on and he came to the hospital. The er dr started me on a heparin drip and some other medications to prevent the loss of more lung tissue. I was monitored around the clock and had my blood INR level tested every hour.
I was perfectly healthy up until this moment. The main cause of my pulmonary embolism is the Nuva ring, the attending physician handed me a cup and said you take that ring out now and give it to me. No more nuva ring for you, she was telling me that the nuva ring is the deadliest birth control on the market.
I have been injecting myself with Lovenox a blood thinner and taking warfarin sodium, for the next couple of months I have to have my INR level checked twice a week. I will have another CT scan in January to make sure the blood clot is breaking down, they same it takes 6 months for a clot to fully break down. For now birth control pills are out of the question. If only I had known how dangerous the ring was, I would have never of listened to my OBGYN and switched to it.

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