Allina Clinic in Woodbury

Yesterday I went to Allina Clinic in Woodbury for my annual Ladies appointment. The first thing out of the nurses mouth wasn’t hello, it was ” Will your insurance pay for this visit, are you sure your insurance will pay. Are you sure you want to see the doctor. She left me in the room for about 5 minutes so I could decied whether or not to go through my appointment.
When she came back I said yes I need this appointment I am almost out of my perscription and I am leaving my current employer. She took my vitals and then I waited for the doctor.
When Dr. Callanan came in she asked me the same question will your insurance pay are you sure you want me to do the exam. She asked me if I had any concerns and I told her that I had been retaining water and that my sides have been hurting and I’ve been really tired lately. Her answer was um your to young to retain water and you don’t have high blood presure, go see your primary care provider. Hello i came to you for help. She completely blew me off, ignored the fact that I only have one fully functioning kidney and well retaining water isnt a good sign. My visit was less than 5 minutes and i left her office very angry and upset.
I called the clinic to make a complaint against her, you can’t treat people that way, it was like they were affraid to help me because my insurance might not pay for the exam. The lady i made the complaint with didn’t take me very seriously stating she would never treat a patient like that. Um hello I am telling you she treated me this way don’t stand up for her, you are only making yourself part of the problem. It takes 3 weeks for the complaint to be processed. I doubt anything will happen because she will probably lie to her boss. Well at least I stood up for myself.
I am going to try to get into the Mayo today, at least I know they will help me figure out whats wrong

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