Minnesota State Fair Part One

The Husband and I went to the MN State Fair on Monday night. I love the state fair you can get everything and anything on a stick. Our first choice of food was the yummy Cheese curds. Then we walked around for a bit to locate his Green Mill Pizza on a stick. The husband thought it was just ok……After his Pizza was eaten and the stick discarded we walked around looking for my foot long corn dog stand. I found it all right and used a $2 off coupon to get it. Corn dog down, so we decided to walk around the fair to see what there was, I spied mini doughnuts from afar, I looked at the husband and said want to share. In deed he did want to share. So there we sat on a bench doughnuts in hand watching the people go buy. While sitting there I remembered that there is a booth that makes salt water taffy right at the fair and that we had a coupon for $4 off a jumbo bucket. The husband indulged my need for this tasty treat and off we went in search of the stand. I choose butter rum, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Yum Yum, with my bucket o taffy in hand I looked up at the hub and said, wanna go for another round of cheese curds. he said if that’s what you want with a sly eye. Off we went to indulge yet again in the greasy deep fried treat. It was about 9pm and I was getting tired so we parted ways with the fair and said good buy till next year. Well for the hubs any way

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