Minnesota State Fair Part Two

My parents haven’t been to the MN state fair since 1970 something. i figured it was about time that they return. So off we went. I choose to do the park n ride, this was my mom’s first time on a metro transit bus. it was funny my dad was amazed on how much the buses had changed since he lived in the cities back in the late 60’s early 70’s, he thought air conditioning was a great and welcomed improvement.
When we got to the fair they couldn’t believe how much it changed. machinery hill was no longer filled with tractors and plows, instead it was filled dodge, ford, Saturn and Toyota vehicles. That there was more food booths than the eye could see and everything on a stick one could imagine. My dad was the first to indulge in a tasty fair treat, Australian battered potato’s and a cold diet Pepsi. After our snack we walked on over to the DNR building and looked around. Then it was past the big slide round the K102 booth and over to the cheese curds. yum my mom and I split an order as my dad wondered into the food building.
We shared a basket of pop corn chicken. Oooo what is that he says, popcorn chicken dad, really can I try some of course dad. he ended up eating half.
While exiting the food building he spied the horticulture building so in we went looking at the plants and displays. I spied Ice cream made with wine, I didn’t have my id so I looked to my mom and she bought it for us. It was raspberry ice cream with Merlot wine. it was so good and creamy.
When we saw everything there was to see in the horticulture building we went outside and walked into the international bazaar, my mom and I got Christmas ornaments and found my dad sitting on a bench patiently waiting for us. We walked a bit more, mom got onion rings.
At the fair you just walk and eat, eat and walk. My mom spied the nut roll stand so she got hers with cashews and chocolate. Sadly i can’t have chocolate so my dad and I split a plain peanut roll.
With dad being hungry and not wanting something on a stick I mentioned that Famous Dave had a booth and off we went in search of the holy grail of chopped pork sandwiches. We found them and devoured our sandwiches. Wait um where did mom go? She comes back with a corn dog and a cone of cookies in her hand. Oh did I mention they got sucked in by the sham wow guy. yes they did. So with our bellies full, tired feet and sham wows in hand we boarded the bus back to woodbury. My parents had a great time and are all ready asking about next years fair.

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