Three Bears & Three Pups Live Green

I am a firm believer in living green and making less of an impact on our planet. Native people see them selves as custodians of the land and preserve it in the best way they know how. Growing up my family ate organic before it was cool and conserved our resources. To this day I practice what my parents taught me don’t use chemicals, by local, and have little impact on the environment around you.
In the bear house hold I use natural cleaning products. There are some awesome brands out on the market today. I even use organic floor cleaner. Before at our old house I would use Lysol floor cleaner the rescue pups would walk on the wet floor, lick there paws, and throw up on my carpet. I put two & two together and bought the J.R Watkins floor cleaner the pups walked on the wet floor, licked there paws, and hey no barf on my floor. Ever since then that is what I have used.
Also when you think about it how good can chemicals before you any ways. Not good at all my friend. I love the Target’s Method all purpose cleaner, I use it on everything in my kitchen. Yes. i use green cleaners in my kitchen. Some people don’t because they are afraid of bacteria. When you think about it, before our modern time ladies used vinegar and water to clean there homes, and well they didn’t get sick from bacteria. I admit that after I cut up meat or chicken I do wipe my counters down with a mild bleach solution.
We are even green in our bath room, I love cleaning with Target’s Method all purpose bathroom cleaner, the scent is awesome eucalyptus mint. it makes my bathroom sparkle. For the Mirrors I use Green Works Glass Cleaner, it is streak free and doesn’t leave a film on the glass. Method works great on soap scum, trust me I do not miss the harsh smell of Scrubbing bubbles nor do i miss what it did to my hands.
I even live green outside of my home. The Husband bought my a 2002 Toyota Prius back in 2008. Man oh man do I love my Prius. I decided that unlike everyone else if I was going to have less impact on our environment I was going to buy a used Prius instead of a new one. As it does take energy to build a new one and well why buy new when slightly used will do. The Prius even has a name, yes I named my car, he is lovingly known as Bert. Bert does a great job getting me around in the Minnesota winters. Well sometimes he has a hard time getting up those icy hills and has ended up in the ditch a few times.
The only thing is when you buy a Prius they don’t tell you that in the winter he’s just like a regular car he only gets 32mph gallon in the winter months and when summer rolls around he gets a cool 47 mph gallon.
We also buy local. You can find me at the farmers market in the summer, buying from a cheese factory and other local grocers. There is nothing like fresh right out of the creamery cheese, fresh from the mold dark chocolate, and fresh from the field fruits & veggies.
The Bear’s favorite Green Cleaning Pproducts:
Target’s Method all purpose surface cleaner in Lavender or Sea mineral
Target’s Method all purpose bathroom cleaner in Eucalyptus mint
Green Works Glass cleaner
J. R. Watkins Lemon all purpose cleaner
J.R. Watkins Aloe floor cleaner concentrate
Green in the Home:
HE Washer and Dryer
Fireplace, cuts down on the heating bills
Energy saving appliances in our kitchen, including the Refrigerator and Stove
Energy saving light bulbs are a must.
We only turn on our air conditioner when it is super hot and humid.
Even our Christmas lights are energy saving LED bulbs.
Bert the Prius.
We buy in bulk to reduce packaging and look for packaging that is made from recycled materials.
The bears have an over flowing recycling bin every week and only one bag of trash.
Instead of buying bottled water, we use a Britta water filter and fill up our own reusable water bottles.
We just bought new carpet. It is completely green and made out of recycled materials
Bear’s Favorite Organic and fair trade products for people and dogs:
The rescue pups love Trader Joe’s Organic beef dog jerky and chicken sticks
Mystra loves Trader Joe’s Organic Hip and Joint peanut butter dog biscuits
Organic fruits and veggies from the local farmers market
Organically grown flowers are a must:)
Trader Joe’s organic shredded wheat squares with maple
Trader Joe’s organic cheese sandwich crackers
Nan’s likes Trader Joe’s organic alphabet cookies
Chihuahua Chocolate’s truffles
Bass Lake Cheese Factory Cheese
Organic flour and sugar make the best cookies
Fair trade chocolate chips
Fair trade coffee
Fair Trade spices
Local Organic chicken and Pork, straight from the farm taste oh so good
I hope this inspires everyone to try a natural cleaning product or their local organic growers. Be happy, live green, and enjoy the taste of organics:)!!

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