Bears have Fire!

When we moved into our new home in march of 2008 only one fire place worked. After our fence was built we tried using that fire place, but it didn’t work anymore. A light bulb went off when they build our fence they turned the gas off and when construction was complete they turned it back on. Jerry our contractor had to relight the pilot light to our furnace. Hmmm I thought if the furnaces pilot light needed to be relit, maybe the pilot in the gas fireplace needs to be relit. So with this idea in mind I googled Fireside Hearth&home, low and behold they had directions with pictures on just how to relight a light.
So on Saturday night the husband decided to take a whack at it, i showed him the site and its directions. With in minutes we had fire in the basement. Feeling brave and knowing what to do now he tackled the upstairs fireplace too. He wasn’t having any luck with finding the pilot light. Babes why don’t you move the fake logs, I bet its under there some where. Oh I love being right there was the pilot light and he lit it. We have fire in our living room too. Yay the husband and I make a great team.

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