I’m Psycho for Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge

Psycho Suzie’s Motor Lounge in Minneapolis is another restaurant that we saw on the Food networks show Triple D. They claimed to have crazy drinks, great pizza and the best darn cheese curds around.

This place does not disappoint, it is the place where everything tiki goes to die. Yes its like being in a giant tiki hut with thousands of tiki glasses on the walls. I love their white sauce pizza. I always get ham on my half and the husband gets pepperoni on his. Triple D did not disappoint the cheese curds are the size of golf balls and are so yummy.  The drinks are even crazier.

It use to be an old A & W stand before she turned it into tiki sheek.

All of the bathroom walls and stalls are covered with chalk board paint, so this is one place its ok to leave your number or a message!

Back to those crazy drinks. I bet you have never drank the Elusive Yumm Yumm Fish. It was delish I would totally get it again and of course it came in a fish mug!

I would recommend this place to anyone. Just keep in mind that it is 21 plus after 9pm and I wouldn’t recommend this joint for families with small children.

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