Fun and Games with the Dr

My INR has been at 1.6 for the second week  in a row. Which is not good, the lower the number the higher the chance that another clot could form in my body. Trust me I don’t wanna go down that road again. One pulmonary embolism is enough for me.

But this bear isn’t 100% yet, we still have things to figure out. I told the dr how I was having chest pain, shortness of breath, tingling in my limbs and rapid heart beat at least once a week. He starts asking me these questions and says do you know what you just described. No I said, he said you just described a panic attack. Whaaaat I said, I’m not a panicky person or crazy.  Larson said I know your not, thats why it’s so weird. He check out my thyroid, came back normal, potassium came back normal too. So it is something with my adrenal gland after all there is a mass on it chillin like a villain. So I have another CT scan coming up to get a better look at it.

Hopefully we figure this out soon, because I am getting a little tired of all of this and making sure I don’t eat vitamin k, caffeine and liquor. I miss my coffee and margaritas, green peppers and other green foods too.

Any ways the DR called on friday and said he has some good news. Thanks for calling at 4pm when you leave for the day and making me wait til monday to find out what it is. Oh well at least I have a surprise to look forward too!

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