Life in the fast lane

Wow life has been crazy for me. This blog seems to have fallen to the way side. Any ways like I said it s been crazy around here. It funny how no one tells you that being a career woman and a mom will make you life amazing and crazy.
An I’m just about to add more craziness to the pile. So not only will I be a power career woman of a mother and a wife, we will be adding Full time student to the list. That’s right you guessed it, the husband and I decided it was the right time for me to go to law school or get a masters degree. I will apply to both Hamline and the U of M masters degree of social work program. Yea it’s to completely different programs and career paths. I like to have options, an well will see which one I choose.
For a while I thought that loosing little bear was the end of the world and that life would never be the same again. But instead it’s looking up and i am being presented with new oportunites and im realizing that little bear left us to show us that we can survive and be happy again.

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