Is it me or am I cursed or is it the company I keep?

Needless to say 2010 isn’t turning out to be the greatest year of my life. Its actually been the crazies, most unluckiest year that I can ever recall. Things started out fine, until one day on my way into work some lady rear ended the poor prius. then a few weeks later my car got broken into while I was walking around lake callhoun. That was a mess in its self, luckily they only charged about $175 on my credit cards. Then about a month after that we found out that we had lossed the baby. I thought little bears passing had to be the end of this crazy unlucky, black cloud of doom shit thats been hanging over my head. Nope one unlucky Wednesday morning I rear ended a car, I put a very nice dent into my drivers side too.
So as you can read the hits keep on coming. I’ll admit this whole year hasn’t been terribly bad I have meet some nice people along the way.
It is only June and well I’ve got six more months to go, I pray to god that this bad unlucky business comes to an end very soon!

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