Independence Day…….

Today is July 4th, today is the day I am moving all of my stuff out of my suburban home and taking it to the city. Today I am taking my independence back. This is my first holiday alone, my first one as a singleton in five years. I won’t get to see the joy on Nylans facenas he watches the fire works explode in the sky or his excitement when they are shot off in his driveway. There be no BBQ this year, there will be no hand holding or dogs cowering I fear as the loudest boom rolls across the sky.
It’s a day filled with tears and joy, a day I will remember. As my friends gather at the red house to help me put my life In boxes, dry my tears, and help me sort though the memories of the pastmfive years. I am only taking Freckles with me, leaving Mystra and Hazel to help Scott cope with the fact that he realized his wrongs a little to late as he watches the best thing that ever happened to him walk out that door one last time.
Today I am taking my indendance back! Divorce isn’t an end, it’s a beautiful begining!

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