9 degrees of separation

It’s funny how life goes and how we realize the importance of 9 degrees of separation. The other day I was talking with a friend and he was telling me about this girl who turns out I knew two people that knew her. An well that was drama all on it’s own. I was given one side of the story and was told that this girl was crazy. Well maybe she is or maybe she’s not. I have never met her so I am not one to judge. So I heard two sides to this story, two different perspectives on who this woman is. So instead of making a decision based on their opinions I took to the web and read her blog.
An from her blog she sounds like a strong and amazing single mother. If I met her I would probably like her, which would not sit well with one of my friends. But that’s life you can’t please everyone or listen to everything you hear. You have to form your own opinions about people and well for me, I like this girl.

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