You will always be my son…….

Right now you don’t understand why I left you and your dad. I can just hope that some day your dad tells you the truth and that you can lean from his mistakes. Just know that I stayed married to your dad because of you. I gave it my all, I did everything I could to make it work, because I wanted you to have a home and a family.
I loved you from the moment I saw you and knew that I was brought into this world to raise you as my own. I did everything that a mother should do, even you said yourself that I was more of a mom to you than your real mom. I love you and will always love me with all of my heart.
I kept the sinking ship going so that you could have a home, a place to call your own, and a family that loved you. I am sorry that you saw us fight, that you saw my tears, but just know that you were my only source of joy I had. I would count Down the days until your next visit, longed for summer to come. Your face would light up with joy, your eyes filled with wonder, as you explored the world around you. We baked, we played, we shopped, we explored, these are the happy times I will always remember. I just hope that when you are old you will find comfort in the memories I helped you build.
Your dad doesn’t want me to see you again, if I could I would, you were my life, my beautiful boy, you were my life, being a mother defined me. I just thank god that I got to be apart of it, though our time together was short, know that you were not the reason I walked away, it was easy to walk away from your dad, but it hurt like hell to walk away from you.
Nylan I love you today, tomorrow, and always. May God treat you king, and bring you everything you deserve in this world!

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