The dating game

I’ve dusted of my shoes, put on cute outfits and have stepped back into the dating world. It’s weird going on dates when you are a divorcee. Some men assume you are looking for a quick way into marriage and single dads flock to you. I vowed never again to put a child through divorce. It was hard on Nylan and mostly it’s hard to walk away from a child you may never get to see again. I am not ruling single dads out, I am sure you are all great, it’s just I can’t do it again, the pain was to hard to bare.

I’ve met some great guys over the past couple of months, some are best left as friends and others fall to the wind. I’ve had dates filled with great conversations and others filled with awkward moments of silence. I just keep reminding myself roll the dice and move your thimble on the board. If it doesn’t turn out, you can always go back to start and roll again and again until you find go.

I was pleasantly surprised recently. I committed a girlfriend no no. But since I am not on speaking terms with this girl I thought what the hell i’ll go for it. I had to remind myself to not form an opinion based on what she had told me prior. I did this once before and my assumption was so far off, it wasn’t funny. Anyways I informed said date about this 9 degrees of separation. He said she wasn’t memorable, with that out of the way we met up for drinks that evening. I tell you some days Minneapolis is to small. I was pleasantly surprised, he wasn’t at all like she had described, he was very polite and darn right fantastic. Finally some one who is more deaf than me!

I don’t know where this is going, but I am going to keep moving my thimble across the board and play this game out. If it ends, it ends. At least I enjoyed the journey, picked up my thimble and went back to start.

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