Leaping without a place to land

Quiting = Admitting Failure.

I have never quit anything in my life with out a plan to land on. On Friday I walked a way from a no win situation. I hate my job at the firm, collections wasn’t my thing, in felt bad for some of the folks, and questioned the process to much. I still don’t think it’s right to sue an 85 year old person for $1,000.00. just because the client wants us to proceed on more accounts. In this case the beauty of the law is twisted and distorted to suit the needs of the greedy. True, there are folks who run debts up on purpose and bow out when it’s time to pay……those folks deserve to be collected on. It’s just that whole industry made me feel dirty and horrible about kicking folks when they were down.

So on Friday they brought me in to H R and gave me a line of crap. They almost made me cry, it was a warning that I was going to be fired with in the coming weeks. I went back to my cube looked around and said to myself “Bear you hate this job, you hate having to walk on egg shells and well it’s time to hand in your chips and cash out.” my supervisor was surprised when I quit, he really didn’t know what to think and eellike Kirsten was pissed that she didn’t get the glory of shouting your fired. That’s right I beat both of you to the punch.

I cried a little in the elevator mostly because I was revealed that I didn’t have to work at the firm anymore. But a little because I was scared shitless and was now caught with my big girl pants half down. My family was glad that I quit and asked me why I hadn’t quit sooner.

So now I’ve joined the hundreds of unemployed workers. I think I’ll be all right. I have faith that a job is just around the corner and that my faith will see me through.

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