I realize that I have done more in 28 years of life than most people will ever do in 100 years of living. From time to time I like to go through my photos to refresh my mind about the journey I am taking and that it truly is worth living.

How many people besides royalty can say they have lived in a palace? I can say that I lived in Dalkeith house in the fall of 2004. That is where my growing truly started, where I discovered parts of myself that I never knew existed. That is also where I met my best friend Miss Meghan.

We lived out side the capital of Scotland Ednibrough. God I love this place. The city is amazing, the people are lovely, and well its darn right fantastic.

This is the place where life long friendships were made amongst thousand year old abbey walls and palace halls. I still talk to most of them this day.

If Scotland wasn’t enough for me. Egypt sure would hold some wild adventures of its own. So I set of with Miss Cheesy in tow for land of the pyramids.

It was Egypt or bust baby!

Its an amazing moment when you can plant your rear on a pyramid. To go inside is even betterr. When you look at the great pyramids. Joy and I ventured inside the middle one. We sat, climbed, walked, ran, and went up in that thing.

I’ve even rode through the desert on a camel with no name. A camel with no name!

I’ve been to many different countries. Zip corded through the jungles in Central America, snorkled in the waters of Alaska, wondered through the streets of Morocco and spain. These are all journeys that I am greatful I took. I feel so blesses to have the ability to travel and learn. My journies around the world have made me the woman I am today.

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