18 Months

It didn’t dawn on me what today was until I peeled off April 21 from my Wizard of Oz desk calendar. I stared at the number 22 for a moment, shrugged and grumbled to a coworker about needing more sleep. I knew it was Earth Day and that, thank God it was Friday. Then I received a text from a friend saying “Yay your almost half way to 2 yrs of survivorship.” Then it dawned on me. Today marks 18 months since my pulmonary embolism and minor stroke.

18 months have come and gone so quickly. Life has been a beautiful disaster. A disaster I am greatfull for. There have been blunders and rants, followed by joy and triumph. I never stopped to ask “why did this happen to me,” instead I chose to ask “Why not me.” I am a firm believer that God never puts more on our plates than we can handle.

I look forward to my 2 year pulmiversary with great excitment

Here’s to another awesome 6 months and counting

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