Man At The Bar

A wise old Indian named Grandpa Bob once told me this story. It is one that I cherish to this day and keeps his memory alive for me.

He said to me one day through his coke bottle glasses. “AmandaJean at the end of our lives we are all sitting at the bar drinking a beer.”

Some of us are sitting there crying in our beer because our lives are filled with regrets, with should of, would of, could of, regrets of chances not taken, and roads not traveled. Because they didn’t really live, they died while living.

Down at the Other end there is an old man with a group of people gathered around him, he is laughing and having a good time. Telling these people the stories of his life. Of his adventures, his love and the big fish that had gotten away. This man he had lived a full life and was ready to die.

In the end I want to be the old man laughing in his beer, the one with all of the tales. That is why I jump at every opportunity I get, because when the end is near you will never again have the chance to live, there are no do overs, just one road that we must all choose to walk on. An I choose the path of adventure that will lead to the stories at the bar.

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