I Love You Mom!

I count myself lucky. Lucky to have the Mother that I have. She always believed in me and fought for what she knew I could become. Our road together has been far from easy, yet its lined with laughter, determination, and tears of dreams realized.

My mama has always told me in life that the words “I can’t” do not exist and that as long as I believed it would be all right. When the mountain seems to high, she’s silently there cheering me on to the next peak. Cheering me on in my dreams and helping me glue the pieces back together when they come crashing down.

My dreams were realized because of my Mother. Because of her determination to see her daughters succeed. I remember her tired eyes after her second shift, the moments we would wait for her to come home, those two jobs kept us a float. Her work ethic is extraordinary. We never went without, what ever we wanted was laid in our hands, and our lives were enriched by her love.

By a love so strong that it could warm a million hearts. A love that has extended across the seas and to the deserts of Egypt. She has given me what she never had growing up. A life of love, happiness, and possibilities. An for that I will be forever in debt to this woman, to the woman who gave up her dreams, so that mine could come true.

I love you today, tomorrow and always. You truly are the worlds greatest Mom. Thank you for giving me your ninja antics and kung fu goodness. I know that with you at my side I will be able to conquer the world.

I Love you bunches Mama

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