The Bear Behind The Blog

The other day I was asked “How did you come up with the name for your blog?” Its simple really, have bear will travel was born during my semester in Scotland. Alfred the bear was and still is my trusty travel side kick. Have bear will travel is an evolution from a single college girl studying abroad, to a young married woman with a family, and now it chronicles my journey as a young divorcee.

The blog originally started on the E-Hive of UW-Superior, moved to blog spot, and now rests at word press. During my transfer from E-Hive to blog spot a lot of the content was lost and had to be redone. In 2010 I decided to make the move to word press and did not bring over all of the content.

One thing will always remain, an that are the posts regarding Nylan. Nylan was a big part of my life and my love for him still remains. One day he will be old enough to question what happened and the answers will be waiting for him here. Here, he will read my words, see photos, and know that one woman loved him so much that she maintained her memories for him.

Memories that will remind me of how far I have come and where I am headed in life. I admit when I travel tucked inside my suit case is a ratty old teddy bear named Alfred. Little girls never grow up, they just put on high heels. I know that no matter where I go in this world I am not alone and Alfred reminds me of home. Home, of the people who I love, have lost, and those I have yet to meet. That crusty ratty teddy bear makes the journey even sweeter. Plus he also acts as an impromptu pillow on overseas flights.

As long as I have the bear I will travel. Travel though this life knocking down walls and taking names without question. Life is a journey worth taking. An I….I am going to take that journey with Alfred tucked into my carry on bag.

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