{Revelation} Your Destination Is On Your Right

I snuggled into a bed that wasn’t mine. Time Square was a blaze outside my window and I had realized something. I realized that I am exactly where I should be in life. I didn’t get what I wanted. I got what I needed.

For the past 5 years I dwelled on the fact that I had not gone to law school. That I had thrown away a dream for my ex husband and his child. I do not regret that decision. At the time it was for the best. Because my five years with Nylan will define him for the rest of his life. Nylan is a ninja and a ninja knows the course. A ninja knows to look for meaning in the hard times and to never lose faith.

Faith is something that runs deep and is never in short supply. Everything that happened over the past five years has led to this exact moment. This here and now is where I am supposed to be. My blood clot was a lesson. A lesson in survival. At the time I thought it was a cruel joke. Turns out the joke was on me. That blood clot was my voice and the fuel to my passion. I am a lobbyist. A real live lobbyist and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

For now I am turning away from law school and following the course to becoming the best lobbyist I can be. I still get to work with the law and help people. As in really help people by meeting with politicians and sharing my passion for the common good. Walking through the capital sends chills to my soul, this is the place where history is made and I, I am a part of that history.

History is something I want to change. Our voices can lead to change and history books will be rewritten. If we stand up for ourselves and fight for what we believe in then we have reached our potential. Don’t wait for a life changing moment to find your voice. Dig deep and find your primal growl. That voice will carry you and you will be forever changed.

I am forever changed. One moment in my life defined me and that moment has brought me to my destination. A destination I am proud to call home.

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