{Blogcation} Taking A Break From The Blogging World

After much thought. It is difficult for me to announce that HaveBearWillTravel.com is going on a little vacation. Life is busy. As in I barely see the muppet busy. Yet a good type of busy that makes your heart sing because you know deep down you are making the world better.

That is my whole goal in life. To make this world a little better than when I found it. Our goal as humans should be to better mankind not destroy it. When we change one small thing, complete one-act of kindness, that is when we reach our potential. I need to concentrate on teaching amazing people like yourselves how to be the best lobbying ninjas they can be and continue to be one kick ass paralegal at the firm. Those are my priorities right now. I guess one knows they are grown when they choose real life over online life.

Thank you so much for reading about my life and for supporting me on this adventure. I realized in the past year or so that my words can change lives. Yes, I have lived through some tough shit and because of you I blogged about it. With each tap of the key board my heart slowly began to heal. My heart is full again and I am ready to take on the world. I have met some amazing people and made some new Ninja BFFS. I am always reminded that life changes without a moments notice. What it comes down to is: “What you do in that moment that sets the path for the rest of your life?”

Do you sit down and take it or do you rise up and show the world who is boss. My stroke gave me the strength to deal with losing a child and the strength I needed to walk away from a loveless marriage. To date my x husband will tell you: ” I let the best thing to ever happen to me walk out that door. She is one hell of a woman and an awesome mom. She stepped up, threw her dreams away, and became the mom she didn’t have to be to my son. “Who ever she ends up with is one hell of a lucky man.” Aww thanks x husband. I wish I could hate him. Yet, I do feel a tad bit sorry for the guy. After all his whole world crashed one sunny day in June. I finally found it with in myself to forgive him. As in forgive him for what he did and for not being there when I needed him most. That was the final piece, the piece I needed to complete in order to get me back. Once again my heart is whole and maybe one of these days I will remember to actually go on the dates I plan. For me it was easier to stand up and show the world who was boss. I am the boss of my life and no one can ever knock me down.

So just know ninjas. I am alive and well. I am knocking down doors and writing down names without question. Before you know it the blogcation will be over and I will be back with new adventures to share. Fingers crossed that my plan for a personal life works. I need one of those or at least people tell me I need a personal life. We’ll see.

Love you bunches!


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