{Paralegal} Putting Long Hours Into Perspective

A few weeks ago I claimed that the blog or more so the blogger was going on vacation for a while. Well don’t hold your breath folks, I’m back. Well posts will be sporadic for a while. Life is still busy and I am currently getting over the fail whale virus.

For the past month most of you know that I have been putting crazy hours and long weekends in at the firm. Just know that these hours and weekends are not forced upon me. I choose to put in the time and give up my weekends. Why? You might ask. The truth is I am apart of something that is going to change hundreds if not thousands of lives. It will right the wrongs of the past and hopefully lay the seeds for a successful future. Trust me the attorneys I work with put in even crazier hours than I do. I am convinced that a few of them do not sleep. We have our moments, but at the end of the day our goal is to seek justice for those who need it most.

When you are apart of something that is going to help someone and make their life better. You willingly throw your weekends to the side and have no problem sitting in the office until 11pm. This is what I signed up for the day I became a paralegal and moments like these are what I live for. I am a firm believer that it only takes one ripple in the water to create a wave of change. Change is coming and I am proud to be a small ripple in that wave.

I wish a lot of you could truly understand what it means to be a paralegal and get a glimpse into my sometimes chaotic world. There are days where I am a motivator, moving everyone along so we can reach a deadline. Then there are days where I sit idle at my desk waiting for the next Fail Whale to arrive and spring into action with a plan to solve it.

Solving things are easier said than done. Most times I have multiple solutions only to have them shot down and then its back to the drawing board. I always have a plan B, followed by a plan C, and then a Plan D. Usually one of those plans works and in the end it’s all fine and dandy.

Law firms are their own little world. Each one is different. You have seasoned paralegals mixed with the newbies. Sometimes the seasoned pros have to teach the newbies the ropes. I believe in professionalism, you are only as good as your work and your reputation in this field. An I take both very seriously and will fight to keep them in check.

Maybe I am to much of a Mama bear when it comes to my reputation and that of the attorneys I work for. Out of respect I will protect theirs (No matter how yucky they are) as well as mine. We work hard to build up our careers and I’ll be damned if I let a newbie squash my work. I have built my reputation by putting in long hours, stepping up, and throwing away weekends for the sake of a project. My work product is a testament to my determination and desire to help others. An that is something I will never veer from, when we help others we reach our potential as human beings.

So take it from this paralegal who works long hours for the sake of changing another persons life. It is worth it and I absolutely love my job. I live for the long hours, that sixth cup of coffee, late night emergency phone call, and the knowledge that in the end justice always prevails.

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