{Community} Coming Together to Find a Child

The line to register for the search party

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Today the village came out to find a child. Scotty a non-verbal autistic boy wondered away from his Prescott home on Tuesday. By night fall there was no sign of the little guy and a call was put out for more volunteers to come out on Wednesday. Sitting in my cool apartment I made the decision to put my heart on my sleeve and head to Prescott the next morning. After all it is the 4th, I have no where important to be and hey this family deserves to have their little boy home.

I wasn’t exactly sure where the high school was in Prescott, I didn’t need to worry either. I just followed the stream of cars up hwy 10 and was soon in line with about 400 other people waiting to register for the search party. Once registered, we were funneled into the gym, briefed, and loaded on buses. They said it would be hot, there would be bugs, and mostly to watch out for rattle snakes. Armed with my water I set off with my group searching in the fields. There was no place I rather be.

I have never met Scotty or his family. I just knew I had a pair of eyes, two legs, and time to give. That if I were in their shoes I would want someone to do the same for me. That they deserve to have their little boy come home alive. Losing a child sucks, I know that first hand. Everyone in our group was positive, energized, teary eyed, and filled with hope. Hope that Scotty would come home today.

Word came that a child had been found. Some were quick to clap and cheer. Others stood silently as we awaited confirmation from the Sheriff that the child was indeed Scotty. 20 minutes went by without word, a group across the field erupted with joy. At that moment we knew it was true. I have never hugged so many sweaty strangers in my life. We all cheered, clapped, and cried happy tears at the news Scotty was reunited with his parents. That he was all right and that tonight he will be resting safely in his parents arms.

My happy bucket is overflowing and my heart is full. Watching this community come together to find a child they didn’t know is a moment I will always remember. A moment that I will always remember because I cared enough to get up early and search for a child that wasn’t mine. This is something we all should do. No one ever got hurt by giving to others. Share your love, your life, and in the process you will bring hope to the community around you. Do this and you will live an incredible life.

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