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{Hearts On 22} Scales Are For The Birds

I have never been one to follow the crowd or listen to critics. I rather stay in the woods and join the teddy bear picnic. Society tells me I am fat and that I should change. Change, means losing weight and striving to be there kind of beautiful. There kind of beautiful is not my … Continue reading

{Hearts On 22} Five Borrowed Years

I honestly cannot believe that it’s been five years. It seems just like yesterday when I set out to work oblivious to what this day would hold. I still remember what I wore and that I was upset because I forgot to buy creamer the night before. It was a free jeans day and I … Continue reading

{MN Heart Walk 2014} Why Will YOU Walk?

This Saturday thousands will descend on Target Filed, not for a Twins Game, but to walk for a purpose. To walk in memory of a loved one, in honor of a survivor, for themselves, and to show their support for others. They will walk on behalf of the American Heart Association to raise awareness and … Continue reading

{Community} Coming Together to Find a Child

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Today the village came out to find a child. Scotty a non-verbal autistic boy wondered away from his Prescott home on Tuesday. By night fall there was no sign of the little guy and a call was put out for more volunteers to come out … Continue reading

{Divorce} Learning That I Matter

Divorce taught me that I have the right to be picky and not to jump at the first man that walks through the door. It taught me that I matter and that some day I will find a man who realizes that I am worth it. I learned to hold out and not to give … Continue reading

Remembering Dr. Delahunty

Some of us can go our whole lives without being saved. I on the other hand can say my life has been saved three separate times. My faith is strong and my zest for life is even stronger. I have a life because one man believed in me and wanted to make my life better. … Continue reading

{29} Happy Birthday!

Wow I can’t believe that I am one year closer to 30. I guess when you have all ready been through a life time of shit it means everything is down hill from here. I may only be 29, however I have lived a life that dreams are made of. Sorrow reminds me that I … Continue reading

{Judgement} – Open The Book For Once!

“Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover. It’s The Story Inside That Counts.” We live in a day and age where people continue to pass judgement upon one another. You think by now we would have all of our social issues worked out and that we wouldn’t need to treat people like crap. Yet as … Continue reading

SUICIDE: It Robbed Me Of My BFF

Tuesday July 13th 2010 was on of the worst days of my life. If I could strike it from memory I would. More like Early Wednesday morning of July 14th was the worst moment of my life. Depression took away my best friend, it robbed me of his laughter, his grace, and mostly it busted … Continue reading

The Three Fs

The three Fs help me through every situation and make life worth living. What are they you ask? Its simple: Faith, Family and Friends. FAITH I was raised in a primarily Lutheran/Catholic town, with a sprinkle of Methodist. I was part of the sprinkles. At a young age I learned what God was and how … Continue reading

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