{Ipsy} Face Fashion

September 2015
“Sit back, relax, and strike a pose.”

Ahh September you have finally arrives, the cool air is quietly rushing in, pumpkin spice everything lines the shelves, and I start sneezing, as in really sneezing. Fall is my favorite time of the year, there are apples to eat, pumpkins to carve, and cool nights to cuddle in. Fall brings change, each fall I grow older and tick off one more year of survival, in the fall I find comfort in the changes around me.

Change is needed. This will be my last Ipsy review, I AmandaJean have shown Ipsy the curb. I know its only $10.00 but I am tired of hoarding baskets of useless crap. I have changed my style profile a million times and to no avail nothing changed. At first it was amazing, I received stuff that was perfect for me and each month I would eagerly stock my mail box waiting for the pink envelope to arrive. I now just roll my eyes and say “really that is what you are sending me…………………..boring and useless!”

As of late Ipsy keeps on recycling the same brands and concepts. A girl can only have so many taupe eye shadows, bright orange lipsticks, and curl enhancing creams. I mean come on, a girl with very curly hair does not need a spray that will give her beachy waves. Also I have nothing against taupe, I love taupe its a great color, just when you have a bunch of them it gets old. Orange based bright red lipsticks are not meant for every girl on this earth. I am pale, bright red or very dark purple hued lipsticks look horrible on me.

Anyways enough of my rant, I believe in being honest and want to assist you in choosing the right subscription box for you. Lets get to the bag……………………

“So AJ, What did you get in your Face Fashion Glam Bag?”

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