{Walmart* Beauty Box} Fall 2016 

Ahhh it’s finally fall! Which means any thing and everything is coming up pumpkin spice. Which is not ok in my book I LOVE fall but despises pumpkin spice anything. Pumpkins are for carving, not eating. Any hoo….. the Minnesota air is getting crisp, the trees are starting to show there colors, and my skinContinue reading “{Walmart* Beauty Box} Fall 2016 “

{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Spring 2015

Its April, so that must mean spring is on its way and winter can go fuck off! I get really antsy this time of year, the days are getting longer, the temps are creeping north of 30, and all I want to do is bask in the sunshine. Work, it gets in the way, butContinue reading “{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Spring 2015”

{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Winter 2014

The Walmart beauty box is exposing consumers to easily accessible and affordable brands. The Winter Box is the second quarterly box from Walmart and it promised to be packed with products to get us through the coldest season of the year. There was a glitch with the Walmart Beauty Box site and at one timeContinue reading “{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Winter 2014”

{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Fall 2014

A few weeks ago the internet was rumbling with rumors of a $5.00 beauty box from Walmart. A lot of ladies were concerned that it was a scam because the web address did not have “https” in it and they felt that it was not secure. This fear continued even when they went to walmart.comContinue reading “{Walmart Beauty} Quarterly Beauty Box – Fall 2014”