Eau Galle Wisconsin

Eau Galle is a Tiny town nestled along the lake in Dunn County WI. It is a place forgotten by time and un touched by our modern world. This place is truely special don’t expect strip malls, fancy cafes, or quaint shops. It is what you see and if you blink you will miss it. Out side of town on country road D down in the valley sits an old log home amoungst the tall pines and blooming apple trees. This house built of logs is much like the town untouched by our modern world, you will not find running water, heat, or electricity. This is the place I spent my summers, playing in the woods, telling stories by the gas lamp and cooking on the fire. When my parents found the home it was long forgotten and run down. With a little love and know how they brought this old house back to life. They made it a place for their kids to play far away from the city lights, a place where the outside world stood on the edge, a place where time stands still.
Sitting at home I realized that since I’ve been out of college I hadn’t been out to the cabin but twice in three years. My visit was long over due. The husband was working on labor day and I had nothing to do. With the dogs in the car off we went. they enjoyed there long ride stopping along the way to do there business. It was funny seeing all of the barns painted with anti farve signs. With a chuckle only in wiscosin I said. Soon the familiar scenery was closing in, the crisp air along the creek and the red barns in the horizan. Driving through the long forgotten town ships and coming in to Elmwood which hasn’t changed in years. Oh wait, what happened to the gas pump that use to be on the roof of the gas station. Huh the UFO gas sign is gone too. Hmmm the must of given up the ghost either that no one believes in UFOs anymore.
As I drove on i passed the welcome to dunn county sign, i knew I was almost there and with butterflies in my stomach i turned on that fateful road, county rd D. Nothing has changed on this road, just a few new houses that blend in with the pines, soon I spied the pump and knew our drive way was there. As I turned in my dad greeted me with a wave, the dogs barked and there she was in all her glory, the place of my child hood. A home built of logs. I did my rounds and visited the graves of my best four legged friend Britteny and my kitty miss mitty who rest amoung the lillies.
Most of the apple trees that i helped plant as a child are gone, the berry patch long for gotten, and the grass over grown. An my dad just standing there telling me if it weren’t for the bugs right now this is heaven on earth. it is i said. it is heaven on earth. The dogs loved it, there were things to sniff, sticks to grab and turkeys to chase. Mystra enjoyed a cool drink from the spring, its natures water untouched and at its finest. We couldn’t stand the bugs any more and the girls lost the turkey. So i looked at the old house and said until we meet again my friend. I know that even though i turn and leave, she will always be there standing strong amoungst the pines waiting for my return.

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