Stillwater Minnesota

Just a few miles down the road from Woodbury is the town of Stillwater. I have never been until recently and have fallen in love. The main street is lined with red brick and stone buildings straight out of the 1800s. Lined with quaint little shops with your typical antiques and cafes.
With the husband working the labor day sale and nothing to do on Sunday I called my parents and asked if they wanted to go to Stillwater with me. So off we went, this was my Mom’s first time to Stillwater. She instantly fell in love with this little town.
We walked down the main street popping in and out of the shops. One store had a plack that read:
“I take life with a grain of salt, a wedge of lime, and a shot of tequila” it had a little margarita hanging from it. I am so going back to get it. It was totally cute.
It seems that when every we travel my dad always gets hungry. There is a cute little malt shop on the main street called Leo’s. It looked busy, so we took that as a sign that the food must be good. it was we dined on tasty sandwiches and shakes. Our bellies were full and with doggy bag in hand we walked on.
I spied the chefs gallery when we first came into town. With my mom being a chef I knew she would love it. In deed she did. We were like kids in a candy store looking at all the gadgets, pots n pans. My oh my you could complete your kitchen here. Way in the back corner my dad spotted cookie cutters. They had all shapes and sizes, with the holidays on the horizon I went for the mitten, angle, snow flake and my mom proclaimed we needed a tree, because she broke our old one. Next to the cutters there was a shelf full of edible glitter, gems, and dust, sprinkles of every color, flavourings of every kind, and alone box of royal icing mix. I scooped up the royal icing and looked around some more. My dad had enough of the crowded store and went outside in search of a bench. I found a handy little gadget for my sink. its a stainer of sorts for your sink. With my new found kitchen treasures in hand we left and went down the street. Low and behold we found Pete outside the candy store. he slyly said, ” I knew you two were gonna come here with a laugh.” so we handed him our bags and trotted in. they have all sorts of candies and home made fudge. My mom went for the maple fudge. while I checked out the truffle case with glee I looked at my mom, yes they have white chocolate truffles. $7.00 for a half pound can’t beat that,so i went on my way picking them out. Oh so yummy, I made sure to get a cherry truffle for Pete who was patiently waiting. Soon it was time to go, stores close at 5pm on a Sunday in a small town. Back to the prius we went and enjoyed our drive along the river bend back to the burbs we go.

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