Seven Days

Life Patiently Waits For Us

Seven Days ago, I wore a dress to work, the curly mess that I claim is hair actually looked great for once, and oh I had cute shoes on too, I looked date ready without even having one on the books. Good thing I looked date ready, because an email led to a text, which led to a date. Sweet, I thought I won’t even have to head home after work to change, go me! The universe was working with me today, double sweet!

However the parking Gods of UpTown were not on the same page as the universe, I drove around aimlessly looking for a stupid spot. Finally after 15 minutes I found one. During this time I contemplated just giving up and going home, however I am a woman of my word and well I had to get my date on.

You never know what type of people you are going to meet off the interwebs. They could be crazy, so shy that they don’t speak, or absolutely normal. Lucky for me my date was normal. The minutes ticked into hours, one drink melted into another and the conversation flowed naturally. This never happens to me ever, I always get the ones who don’t talk, have phobias, or just talk about how buff they are.

This one was different. Different in a good way. Travel stories were swapped, he asked me if I read books (um of course I do), I explained what twitter was and well of course my blog. This blog to be exact. He muttered the tittle of my blog into his memory so that he could check it out. Very cute I thought. So as the night drew on, my smile grew a little wider and I kept on thinking, this never ever happens to me ever, a normal guy, for a ninja like me. As any polite gentlemen would he walked me to my car and asked me out again.

Again on my short drive home, I kept thinking this never happens to me ever. It should be known that most men who read my blog, run. I don’t know why I guess I just have too much kung fu or something. The Irs Auditor didn’t run, he embraced it and continues to read it. (hey there’s a lot of info on here). Saturday went great, better than I had expected. On Saturday he proclaimed “I can’t believe I just meet you 48 hours ago, it never goes this well for me.” I thought to myself “Ditto on that one”

Seven days ago today I was sitting at The Independent having a cocktail with a stranger and had no big expectations. Today he isn’t a stranger, he now has a hashtag of #IrsAuditor on my twitter feed and endless conversations ensue.

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