{Survivorhood} Year Nine


I can still remember exactly what I was wearing on the day my world broke. Gray cardigan, white button down peasant top, jeans, and cranberry ballet flats. The shoes, I still have them. They are worn and raggedy, I just can’t let them go. Those shoes carried me in the ER and they walked me out days later. Those shoes are a symbol that I survived the worst day possible.

Every day I am reminded that four had to die so I could be the one out of five who walked away. I live each day for those who no longer can. I live each day for the women who lost their lives to the Nuvaring. Those women are my battle cry and I will not rest until there are none. Those women have given me more strength than I ever thought possible.

I survived because God, he wasn’t done with me. God knew my strength before I did. God gave me a second chance and I have cherished each day to the fullest. Fate, she’s a funny one and I know that everything I have lived through was apart of her plan. That this plan isn’t mine and only Fate knows where I am going. I cling to every drop of borrowed time and thank God for every day I rise. For I know this second life of mine is an incredible gift.

On October 22, 2009 I made a choice. A choice to not be a victim. A choice to thrive and live a life worth telling. I want a life filled with incredible experiences and stories that will keep me company when I’m old. I made a choice to stand up and be a voice against the darkness. A voice to bring awareness to a cause and educate those around me about the side effects of hormonal contraceptives. My voice will not be silenced until there are none. I have work to do and I will not rest until there are none. One day there will be none and on that day I will take off my white hat and rest.

This past year was filled with heartache and joy. I became a mama to my 3rd sleeping son. Emmett James left this world before his feet ever touched my hands. I am grateful for the experience and I am thankful to be his mom. When sadness fades to joy life begins. I got to watch Sophia and Jack turn one year older. There faces bring joy to the darkness of the night. I am grateful that I survived and get to hear their little voices say “Auntie! Auntie! Auntie!” They are my world and I am there’s.

I spent my weekends traveling form place to place with my dad at my side. No matter the destination he was game. We went to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; Mackinac Island; The Badlands; Mount Rushmore; Crazy Horse; Wyoming; Jeffer’s Petroglyphs; Milwaukee; Racine; Hayward; Effigy Mounds National Monument; Crowing Wing State Park; Door County; Washington Island; and the North Shore. This summer we traveled more than most people do in a lifetime. Much wine and booze was bought and we have memories to last us until the end of time.

My dad isn’t the only one who got in on the road trip fun. I traded my dad in for Jay! We made our usual pilgrimage to WI Dells and we ventured west to South Dakota and Wyoming. This year was the year of travel and my heart is happy. I am the trip planner in our family. I plan and Jay just comes along for the ride. That is what I love about him, he’s up for anything as long as I’m involved.

My heart she is thankful. Thankful that I got a second chance at this thing called life. This second chance taught me to live in the moment. Fate has taught me to let the little things slide and stand up for the big things. I have more hope and faith than most people. For I’ve seen God work. Long ago I stopped asking “why me,” instead I stand up and ask “why not me.” I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and God knows what he’s doing. Research, saved my life and it will continue to save the lives of others. We need to believe in research and fund research so that others can have my outcome. So that they too can have a chance at living in a beautiful disaster.

YEAR #9:

For the past nine years I’ve asked for motherhood. This year I am just asking to be HAPPY. Happy with myself. Happy with my work and life. I want to feel joy and give joy. I want to be that person whose happiness is addictive and strengthening. That beacon we flock to on a bad day and the one we laugh with on a good day. I simply want to be happy.

{Unmentionably Cheeky} December’s Box

Umcheeky DecemberAs you know I am on a never-ending quest to find the best subscription boxes on earth. I have an over flowing underwear drawer. (It’s true I do) Plus I also have this OCD tendency that my bra and panties must: A. match or B. at least be color coordinated. If one of the fore mentioned does not occur my kung fu is thrown off and my day is just off kilter. So like I said my underwear drawer is over flowing, I like to be matchy matchy and color coordinated at all times. Even while sleeping.

You can imagine my excitement when I came across Unmentionably Cheeky for the very first time. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait for my first box to arrive. I was a bit disappointed with my November box. Don’t get me wrong the panties were high quality and very cute. The only down side was the size, Umcheeky’s size chart runs a little on the small side. I sent a quick email and received a response from customer service the same day. They apologized and updated my profile with the requested size. No, I am not going to tell you my size. A lady never tells her size.

Are you wondering “Hmmm what kind of panties did the mailman stuff in her mailbox this month?” I am so glad you asked! Let’s find out.

A very pretty all lace lavender shade panty

A very pretty all cotton with a little lace detail black panty

I am super pleased with the quality and fit of my December panties. Switching my size was the right decision and now I get to wear cute panties. It’s a win win!

I know you want to get 2 pairs of very pretty panties, here is how:
Visit http://www.umcheeky.com, double-check the size chart, select your size, order and be sure to enter code FALL13 to get the 2 pairs for $6. Congratulations, you just signed yourself up for some really great underwear! Your panty drawer is going to thank you!

{UmCheeky} November Underwear Box (Yup, we are going there!)

UmCheeky November

UmCheeky November

Your underwear drawer called…… It wants something pretty!

A girl has to be prepared and ready for anything life throws her way. So she mise well do it in pretty underwear.

Some people call it underwear, others call them drawers, under garments, pants, panties, and lingerie. No matter what you call them, they are simply “the barrier between your vagina and your jeans,” hey no one wants to be rubbed the wrong way. Then again many celebrities seem to brave it and go without their drawers. I prefer to call them underroos as in when you wear them you are certain to have a rootastic day! Then again I think its funny that my mail carrier has no idea that he is stuffing panties in my box!

All jokes aside let’s get down to the brass tax. UmCheeky is run by a husband wife team out of New York City. He is a former attorney who handles all of the customer service and she makes sure that the panties are cute. UmCheeky has a size range that will cover every booty on the planet from XS to XXL, you can’t go wrong with this brand. The price is pretty darn sweet too, right now they are running a special 2 pairs for $6 when you use code FALL13.

I placed my order on Thursday November 14th, 2013 and received a shipping confirmation on the 15th, and had my panties in my mail box on the 18th. That is super fast shipping ladies. I was super excited to see the purple envelope in my mail box and I couldn’t wait to rip it open. Once opened I found a nicely wrapped package in purple tissue paper and super soft adorable panties inside. I washed them tonight and cannot wait to wear my first pair tomorrow. I have no doubt that they will be as comfortable as they feel and that they will not ride up. No one likes panties that ride up, that is the worst thing ever, that and leggings as pants with an extremely noticeable VPL. Leggings as pants should be banned on all seven continents.

I know you want to get 2 pairs of very pretty panties, here is how:
Visit http://www.umcheeky.com, double-check the size chart, select your size, order and be sure to enter code FALL13 to get the 2 pairs for $6. Congratulations, you just signed yourself up for some really great underwear! Your panty drawer is going to thank you!

**I was not compensated for this post, opinions are my own*