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Blind Date………..Oh My!

As you know I choose to keep my personal life off of the blog. However sometimes its to good/funny or just a darn right blunder not to share. Hence I am breaking my own rule. I make the rules around here, so I can break them if I want too. I have been single for … Continue reading

Relationship Advice From The Divorced Girl?

It amazes me when friends call late at night looking for a kind ear and solid relationship advice. Heck, if I were you I’d be the last person I’d come to for advice. Then again I am known for my blunt, no bull shit, straight from the heart, and tell you like it is advice. … Continue reading

School Supplies ~ Encouraging Native Youth to Seek College

It’s that time of year where stores line their shelves with school supplies, back packs, and dorm room decorating supplies. For me, it’s a sign that fall is fast approaching and I need to get my motivating butt in gear. Each fall I get to meet a new group of seniors/juniors and scare them into … Continue reading

I lobby So You Don’t Have To Worry

I never pictured myself as a lobbyist. To me a lobbyist was some old big money man making deals with congress in a back alley. That alley turns out does and doesn’t exist. Every day large companies pay top dollar for lobbyist to head to DC on their behalf. To lobby for things that will … Continue reading

Question: “Why Do You Blog?”

“In this world we are only as good as our word. We must speak the truth and be who we are. If we are anything less than ourselves, anything less than true, then our words will mean nothing in the end.” ~AmandaJean Some days I feel like I lead a double life. By day I … Continue reading

You Only Have One Heart

Minnesota has been hit with an epic heat wave. Every time I go outside I say “Fail Whale Weather.” As many of you know I suffered a pulmonary embolism in 2009. I have gone about a year without any pain or complications in my damaged lung. Over the weekend the old pain started creeping in. … Continue reading

Captain’s Walk Winery ~Green Bay WI

The folks at Captain’s Walk Winery claim that they take the snobbery out of wine tasting. It’s true they do. As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted with a warm hello and a smile. You are quickly whisked into the tasting room, they explain the history of the winery and go … Continue reading

SUICIDE: It Robbed Me Of My BFF

Tuesday July 13th 2010 was on of the worst days of my life. If I could strike it from memory I would. More like Early Wednesday morning of July 14th was the worst moment of my life. Depression took away my best friend, it robbed me of his laughter, his grace, and mostly it busted … Continue reading

Drinks ~ BBQs ~ Sailing Ninjas

Its funny this time last year I was busily making a list of what was mine and what was the x husbands. I was feverishly packing everything I could in boxes and ripping photos from frames that I wanted. My friends, family and I packed my life up last July 4th. That was the day … Continue reading

Silent Thank You

I highly doubt that you read my blog, my twitter or even the text messages I chuck out there. But this this is for you. I will never regret what went down between us. For as long as I live I want you to know that you are not in no way in hell the … Continue reading


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