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Drinks, Flats, and Ninja Antics

I am a firm believer that everything in life no matter good or bad happens for a reason. My last position ended miserably, yet even then I found a piece of silver in the lining. Maybe I was brought there to meet the wonderful Miss. Angela. I am grateful for her friendship and she is … Continue reading

Eviction Notice – Uterus Your Out

It’s funny how life goes. We always hear stories about other women and never once think “That could happen to me.” I’ve always had dreams of being a mom. Mothering is something that I am good at. I raised my x husbands child and carried a baby that’s now in heaven. After my child loss … Continue reading

Hope: Everyone Deserves The Right To Tie The Knot

I love the constitution as much as the next paralegal/lawyer. I love the fact that our country was created on its principles. That a group of men had a vision, a vision of a land where everyone was equal and free. As our country grew, so did our constitution. Amendments are a beautiful thing, they … Continue reading

Its Time to Hit the Pow Wow Trail

Spring brings a sense of busy to the reservations. Mothers are tightening the final beads on moccasins, sewing the last feather into the head-dress, and the last bit of fringe is being added to the shawl. This is a time of excitement, we work through the week so that we can hit the trail. Pow … Continue reading

Local Thursdays!

Its back. Local Thursdays will feature some of my favorite businesses with in the Twin Cities and beyond. Since the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. I thought it would be best to start the summer off with my favorite Ice Cream Shop. Izzy’s Ice Cream 2034 Marshall Avenue Saint Paul, … Continue reading

Little Girls Don’t Grow Up….They Just Put on High Heels

My Mama always said: “There will always be people who will try to bring you down. Who want to dim your light and silence you by fear. You, my dear will stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe is right.” I realize that in life some people never change. That ignorance prevails … Continue reading


When I was little I loved playing the game battleship. Something about it was mysterious and wonderful. There is no logic behind it, the game is simply won purely by chance. An I like chances. Chances are like new shoots sprouting up from the ground. In the spring everything gets a chance to regrow, renew, … Continue reading

The Bear Behind The Blog

The other day I was asked “How did you come up with the name for your blog?” Its simple really, have bear will travel was born during my semester in Scotland. Alfred the bear was and still is my trusty travel side kick. Have bear will travel is an evolution from a single college girl … Continue reading

I Love You Mom!

I count myself lucky. Lucky to have the Mother that I have. She always believed in me and fought for what she knew I could become. Our road together has been far from easy, yet its lined with laughter, determination, and tears of dreams realized. My mama has always told me in life that the … Continue reading

Fate Is At Work Once Again

There are big beautiful things a foot right now. Soon I will let the details escape from my secret sack. Until that moment when the star is in my hand, I will clinch the sack tightly closed. Opportunity draws me in, like a moth to a flame. Each chapter, adventure, and page carries a promise … Continue reading


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